Shrines of Europe

Lourdes - Loreto - Fatima - Czestochowa - Mariazell - Altötting


Pilgrimage in Europe
Long before efforts were made to unite Europe economically and politically and long before the flocks of tourists, men have crossed borders in order to reach the large places of pilgrimage. When pilgrims set off frome home, this was not always caused by "wanderlust" and today, this cannot only be called tourism. At these holy places, they hope to gain a new sense of the message given to them by their belief. The strain and occurrences which they experience on their way there give them more insight. Their experiences at the holy place itself provide many people with new strength and energy; for the story they hear of the shrine there, the rituals which are held and the praying people all create an atmosphere in which the soul can open an find place. Europe is rich in places of pilgrimage. There are large places to which millions make their pilgrimage. And there are innumerable regional shrines to which people from neighbouring areas or from the region wend their way.

All these places have one thing in common: Thy provide spiritual consolation and new strength for living. Experience Europe in the footsteps of the pilgrims!