Eine Gruppe, die in dem Festzelt auf der Alöttinger Hofdult eine Brotzeitplatte am Tisch hochhebt.
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Festivals and Markets in Altötting

Many traditions are observed and lots of celebrations take place during the pilgrimage year. However, secular customs must not be neglected at a pilgrimage site. At the first weekend after Whitsun each year, the so-called “Dultauszug” rings in the cosy “Hofdult” folk festival with festively decorated carriages of the Altötting breweries. Celebrations have a long tradition in Altötting. Well over 600 years ago, in 1383, the colourful hustle and bustle took its course. Towards the end of the year, the Advent season in Altötting invites you to reflect and get in the mood for one of the most beautiful festivals of the year.

Auf der Altöttinger Hofdult wird im Festzelt gerade Essen gebracht.


Fun-fair and beer festival 24. May - 02. June 2024

Hofdult fun-fair and beer festival
Der Altöttinger Christkindlmarkt am Kapellplatz im abendlicher Stimmung.

Christmas Market

22. November - 15. December 2024

Advent in Altötting