Eine kleine Pilgergruppe auf dem Wolfgangweg nach Altötting.
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Pilgrimage Routes to Altötting

Every route has its own history and tradition!

Altötting is surrounded by several pilgrimage routes. The world-famous Way of St. James crosses Altötting from north to south and brings the pilgrims “Santiago de Compostela” a little closer. But the other pilgrimage routes are also based on a long tradition and each route has its own story.

Eine kleine Pilgergruppe pilgert auf dem Rupert Pilgerweg nach Altötting.

St. Rupert-Pilgrimage route

Rupert route
Eine kleiner Pilgergruppe auf dem Wolfgangweg nach Altötting.


Wolfgang route
Das Titelbild für den Marienweg durch Altötting.

Marian hiking trail

Marian hiking trail
Zwei Radlfahrer in Altötting, die sich mit einem Kapuziner unterhalten.

Benedict route

Benedict route

Making a Pilgrimage on Foot, by Bicycle or by Car

To this day, Altötting has been the most important centre of pilgrimage routes in Bavaria. And yet, these routes are not at all overcrowded. Pilgrims can find soothing tranquility and solitude along the way.  Alternatively, many pilgrimage routes to Altötting can also be explored by touring bike, on horseback, by bus or by car! Find out more about multiple-day pilgrimage routes to Altötting, single-day pilgrimage hikes and short pilgrimage routes in the immediate vicinity.

Eine kleine Radfahrergruppe auf dem Benediktweg an der Papstlinde in Altötting.

A pilgrimage to Altötting: take your time to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and discover yourself!

If you have any question about the pilgrimage routes in Bavaria and the offers available for pilgrims, please get in touch with the Pilgrimage and Tourism Office in Altötting, phone: +49 (0)8671 5062-19.