Ein Ausschnitt der Alöttinger Dioramenschau bei der man die alte Stadtansicht sieht.
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Diorama Show and Cinema at the Altötting Marienwerk

Not only history fans are enthused by the Diorama Show at the Altötting Marienwerk, but also families with children. Ingeniously illuminated three-dimensional spatial images, more than 5,000 figurines, some of them hand-made, building models, sculptural landscapes and paintings are merged in a total of 22 vivid units showing historic events in the pilgrimage history of Altötting. This unique Altötting work of art bears witness to the unwavering trust that people have placed on Altötting’s Mother of Mercy in the past 500 years with all their ups and downs.

Apart from the Diorama Show, the cinema at the Altötting Marienwerk also houses a historical treasure. Historical films have been shown here for decades, including the famous Altötting Marian film dating back to 1950. This film, which is considered to be the longest running documentary film ever, deals with the first Marian miracle in Altötting. Other important events in the more than 500-year old history of pilgrimages that were not included in the Marian film come to life in the uniquely expressive Dioramas.

The films are only available in German.

Ein Bild der Altöttinger Dioramenschau, die die Heilige Allianz zeigt.

A Vivid History of Pilgrimages to Altötting

A strong thunderstorm is brewing, the horses drawing the carriage break loose, a boy falls under the wheels of the carriage and suffers life-threatening injuries. This vivid portrayal makes it easy to imagine what the boy’s mother must have gone through. However, thanks to the help and intercession of the Mother of God at the Gnadenkapelle the boy is healthy again the following day. These dramatic events surrounding the second Altötting miracle gave rise to the Marian pilgrimages that have been made to Altötting throughout the centuries and thus also to the Diorama Show. Further historical events and milestones of Altötting’s pilgrimage history, such as the construction of the Stiftspfarrkiche or the Holy Alliance, are presented in a vivid and impressive way at the Diorama Show.

Ein Ausschnitt der Altöttinger Dioramenschau, die das zweite Wunder zeigt und somit die Entstehung der Wallfahrt 1489.

The Creators of the Diorama Show

The Diorama Show was created by the painter and sculptor Reinhold Zellner and his wife Dora together with the academic painter Hans List between 1957 and 1959. They modelled, painted and dressed about 350 people and animals made of clay and designed the landscape shown in the spatial pictures of the Diorama Show. Thanks to their enormous artistic skills they managed to create realistic and vivid Dioramas, which are a characteristic of the Diorama Show, thus establishing the show as an exceptional museum in Altötting.

Ein Ausschnitt der Altöttinger Dioramenschau, als die Stiftspfarrkirche gebaut wurde, dies war der Machtvoll Beginn der Wallfahrt um 1510.
Ein Bild der Altöttinger Dioramenschau, mit Maximilian I und Tilly.