Der Pilgereinzug an Pfingsten auf den Altöttinger Kapellplatz.

Registring a pilgrimage to Altoetting

If you wish to make a group pilgrimage to Altötting, you are welcome to register your pilgrimage.

For scheduling and organisational matters relating to pilgrimages, such as registering for introductory talks and Holy Masses, please contact the Pilgrimage Custody Office:

Kapellplatz 4, 84503 Altötting, Germany
Phone:  +49 (0)8671 95856-122

Email: wallfahrt.altoetting (at)

Further Contacts for Your Pilgrimage to Altötting

Episcopal Administration

The Rector of Pilgrimage, Prelate Dr. Klaus Metzl, and the Episcopal Administration of the Holy Chapel will be happy to assist you in all matters related to your pilgrimage and especially with regard to the Marian shrine.

Kapellplatz 4 b, 84503 Altötting, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)8671 95856-100
Email: info.administration (at)

Altötting Marienwerk

The Marienwerk is like a "link" for all people from near and far, who wish to make a personal request to "Our Dear Lady" from Altötting and would like to remain in contact with her through prayer. Holy Masses with Praises of the Virgin Mary are regularly celebrated at the Gnadenkapelle to honour "Our Dear Lady".

Kapellplatz 18, 84503 Altötting, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)8671 6827
Email: info (at)


Pilgrimage and Tourist Office

The Pilgrimage and Tourist Office is at your service concerning all organizational questions of your pilgrimage. We can help with hotel rooms, excursion programms, guided tours and much more. We can also provide photos, videos or text material that you can use free of charge to announce your pilgrimage.

Adress: Kapellplatz 2a, 84503 Altötting

Phone: 0049 8671 506219