Eine Innenaufnahme der Altöttinger Gnadenkapelle mit der schwarzen Madonna.
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Schedule of Your Pilgrimage Day in Altötting

You can, of course, arrange the schedule of your pilgrimage day in Altötting youself. However, we would like to suggest the following schedule which is typical of a pilgrimage day in Altötting.

Ein Teil der Votivtafeln im Gang der Altöttinger Gnadenkapelle.

In the Morning

See the Diorama Show at the Altötting Marienwerk

A visit to the Diorama Show presented by the Altötting Marienwerk is an ideal introduction to the pilgrimage history of Altötting. The pilgrimage history comes to life by means of large-scale Dioramas.

Attend a Service at One of the Impressive Churches
A visit to Altötting would not be complete without attending a church service. We have listed the various church services for you here.

Free Time for Private Matters or for Buying Devotional Objects
What devotional objects are typical of Altötting? We would like to briefly present them to you here. You can have your devotional objects blessed on site. Click here for the blessing schedule.

Lunch at an Altötting Inn
Enjoy the specialties of the house, while reflecting on your first impressions of Altötting and start afresh in the afternoon.

In the Afternoon

Take a Sightseeing Tour
Contact our office ahead of time at +49 (0)8671 5062-19 to book a sightseeing tour and enjoy an informative 90-minute tour of the centre of the pilgrimage town of Altötting.

Visit the Jerusalem Panorama Cruxifixion of Christ
The Jerusalem Panorama in Altötting is the only historic large-scale panorama in Germany. It takes you back to the year 30 A.D. and the dramatic events of that time.

Visit the Treasure Chamber and Pilgrimage Museum at the House of Pope Benedict XVI
The Treasure Chamber houses many treasures and votive offerings, whereby the ”Goldene Rössl“ is the main exhibit.

Ein Pilgereinzug aus allen Richtungen an Pfingsten am Altöttinger Kapellplatz.