Ein Kapellplatzpanorama von Altötting mit einigen Pilgern.
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Hotels for Groups in Altötting

Are you planning a group tour to Altötting and are still looking for the ideal hotel for your group? We have listed all hotels for groups in Altötting, so you may easily find the right hotel for your group. We will, of course, be happy to help you with your search and will inquire with the Altötting hotels  and inns regarding your group tour to Altötting. We will then compile and send you the offers from all potential hosts for you to choose your accommodation.

Altstadthotel Schex

The Schex hotel in the old part of town is regarded as one of the most traditional hotels in Altötting. It is in the immediate vicinity of the famous Kapellplatz in Kapuzinerstraße.

Caritashaus St. Elisabeth

The Caritashaus "St. Elisabeth" offers all amenities for the disabled and people in wheelchairs. The “House with a Heart“ is about 700 meters away from Kapellplatz.

Franziskushaus Altötting

The Franziskushaus Altötting is a house of retreat and has been inviting people to spiritual exercises and religious meetings for more than 125 years, but also to conferences, seminars and training courses.

Hotel Münchner Hof

The building at the famous Kapellplatz in Altötting now housing the Münchner Hof was built in 1681. The hotel is thus in a prime, central location – a perfect vantage point for visiting the numerous sights in Altötting, right at the centre of all the action.

Hotel Plankl

The Plankl hotel is an exceptional hotel in a quiet location in the centre of Altötting. The Kapellplatz with its famous sights is only a three-minute walk away.

Hotel Zur Post Altötting

The listed "Hotel Zur Post" is a more than 700 year old hotel and thus one of the oldest gastronomic establishments in Bavaria.



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