Verschiedene Votivtafeln des Hl. Bruder Konrad in Alötting.
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The Friar Conrad Museum in Altötting

During the construction and renovation work performed at the Frair Conrad Monastery between 2006 and 2008, meeting rooms dedicated to St. Conrad were created in the form of  the Frair Conrad Museum. This museum is not meant to be a regular museum. The rooms are to provide an insight into the daily life of Friar Conrad as a doorkeeper Friar and to commemorate the life and work of the Saint. The meeting rooms can roughly be divided into three areas: the Friar Conrad wing, the upper floor above the Friar Conrad wing and the Papal wing.

The Frair Conrad Wing

The Friar Conrad Wing is obviously influenced by Friar Conrad, and you can literally feel the spirit of the Saint. You can visit the Old Gate and various meeting rooms on the ground floor, so you may get to know the "Saint of Everyday Life" better. The death cell of Friar Conrad is on the upper floor. Apart from the Old Gate, this is the most important room at the Friar Conrad Monastery. This is where he spent his last three days, and the only photo of Friar Conrad was taken on his deathbed.

Die Alte Pforte von aussen des Hl. Bruder Konrad, in der Altöttinger St. Konrad Kirche.

The Papal Wing at the Friar Conrad Museum

The Papal Wing at the Friar Conrad Museum stretches all along the Friar Conrad Church to a meditation oasis at the end of the wing. The reason for this very special name is that  Pope John Paul II spent the night there when he visited Altötting in 1980. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who later became Pope Benedict XVI, stayed in the adjacent room. Next to the Papal Wing is the entrance to the Capuchin crypt where Friar Conrad was buried in 1894. In 1912 he was finally laid to rest in the monastery church. The Friar Conrad Treasure Chamber is also located in this wing, the main pieces of which are a wax figure of the Saint and Friar Conrad’s original Capuchin coat.

Die Sterbezelle in Altötting, des Hl. Bruder Konrads.
Eine Innenaufnahme der Altöttinger Bruder Konrad Kirche.