Eine kleine Radelgruppe im Altöttinger Forst.
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Benedict route

"Altötting is the heart of Bavaria and one of the hearts of Europe" (Pope em. Benedict XVI.)

The Benedict route is a circular cycle path with a length of 245 kilometers on the trail of the childhood and youth of the former Pope Benedict XVI. and begins and ends in Altötting.

Way of the Benedict route

The Benedict route begins at the linden tree planted by Pope John Paul II in Altötting, on the forecourt of St. Anna's Basilica. The path is designed as a cycle path and leads via Neuötting along the Inn to Marktl. It continues to Burghausen and his former residence Tittmoning and Traunstein. Along the Chiemsee it goes via Gstad am Chiemsee, Wasserburg am Inn and his other place of residence Aschau am Inn via Mühldorf and finally back to Altötting.

Zwei Radfahrer mit einem geistlichen in Altötting.

Sights along the Benedict route

Altötting is the epitome of the Marian pilgrimage in Germany. The Black Madonna has been the destination of countless pilgrims and visitors for over 500 years. The baroque Chaple square ensemble with the Chaple of Grace in its middleforms the center of this special place. The birth house of our former Bavarian Pope is in Marktl. The longest castle complex in the world is located in Burghausen. In Raitenhaslach it goes along the Salzach past the former Cistercian monastery. Also worth seeing are the Gars and Seeon monasteries and the Frauenchiemsee Benedictine abbey. Historic cities such as Altötting, Neuötting, Wasserburg and Mühldorf invite you to stay on the Benedict route.

Eine kleine Radfahrergruppe auf dem Benediktweg an der Papstlinde in Altötting.

Where can I park my car when I'm on the Benedict route?

For the underground car park “Chaple square” you can order a parking ticket for a longer stay in advance from the Altötting pilgrimage and tourist office: touristinfo@altoetting.de or Tel: 08671 5062-19. There is free parking in Kolbergstrasse and Wöhrstrasse. You can take the train back to Altötting from most places on the Benedict route. This means that day tours can also be realized or explore just a few stages on the tracks of the former Pope by bike.

Zwei Radfahrer mit einem geistlichen am Altöttinger Kapellplatz.

E-bike charging stations on Benedict route

There are E-bike charging stations in 22 locations on Benediktweg. We recommend the map for the Benedict route, all charging stations are named there. Available at the pilgrimage and tourist office.

Ein E-Bike steht auf einer Wiese.

5 Stages, 245 km

Stage 1: Altötting - Neuötting - Marktl - Emmerting - Burghausen
38,8 km

Stage 2: Burghausen - Tittmoning- Waging am See
45,9 km

Stage 3: Waging am See - Traunstein - Seebruck
35,9 km

Stage 4: Seebruck - Seeon - Gstadt am Chiemsee - Eggstätt - Amerang - Wasserburg am Inn
58,6 km

Stage 5: Wasserburg am Inn - Gars am Inn - Aschau am Inn - Mühldorf am Inn - Altötting
66,1 km

Die Abbildung des Pilgerstempels des Benediktwegs durch Altötting.