Verschiedene Rosenkränze von einem Geschäft am Altöttinger Kapellplatz mit Blick auf die Gnadenkapelle.

Souvenirs to Commemorate Your Pilgrimage to Altötting

For many pilgrims a pilgrimage day is only complete if they can extensively browse and discover items in the many shops in the vicinity of the Chapel Square (Kapellplatz) offering devotional objects after they have attended a Holy Mass. They either wish to take home a beautiful item to remind them of  their day in Altötting or to present those who stayed behind and could not join them with a souvenir from Altötting. Pope emeritus Benedict XVI also likes to reminisce about the many pilgrimages he made to Altötting in his childhood and especially the many tempting objects on offer at the devotional shops.

Rosaries and Incense as Souvenirs or Mementos

Rosaries from Altötting depicting the Holy Mother of God or St. Conrad are particularly popular with many pilgrims. The scent of incense is omnipresent in the pilgrimage town of Altötting. It is also worth taking this beautiful scent home with you, and not just for smoking the house in the traditional way on Epiphany Day.

Verschieden Rosenkränze in einem Altöttinger Geschäft.

Weather Candles from Altötting

A very special souvenir is the so-called weather candle. It is a black candle, often decorated with a picture of the Madonna of Altötting or of Friar Conrad, which is based on a custom that is predominant in the alpine and pre-alpine regions. When thunder and lightning are imminent, blessed black candles are lit for prayers to avert the thunderstorm. The black colour of the candles is due to the fact that residue candle wax from the Gnadenkapelle used to be melted down to make weather candles in the old days.

Verschiedene schwarze Wetterkerzen, die ein besonderes Andenken aus Altötting sind.

A Blessing from Altötting for Safe Road Travel

Many visitors regularly drive to Altötting first to get Christophorus placque and a blessing for accident-free road travel before they go anywhere else in their new car. This has become a firm tradition in many families, and children or grandchildren often get a Christophorus key ring with a special blessing from Altötting for their car keys.

Die Christophorus Anhänger in einem Geschäft am Altöttinger Kapellplatz.

A Candle from Altötting for Holy Baptism

In many families it has been a longstanding tradition to make a pilgrimage to Altötting when a new family member is born. It is very popular to get an artistically decorated baptism candle in Altötting, which is especially to be used for the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, together with a blessing and best wishes for the new addition to the family.

Verschiedene Kerzen am Altöttinger Kapellplatz.

Have Your Devotional Objects Blessed in Altötting

The Altötting Capuchin Friars take a lot of time every day to bless the various devotional objects, rosaries, candles, Christophorus placques or Madonna figurines that pilgrims take home as souvenirs. Those objects are a daily reminder of the special moments they enjoyed on their pilgrimage to Altötting and motivate them to pause and recharge their batteries in prayer.

In der Altöttinger Hl. Bruder Konrad Kirche wird von einem geistlichen ein Rosenkranz gesegnet.