Eine Innenaufnahme der Altöttinger Gnadenkapelle mit der schwarzen Madonna.
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Your Pilgrimage Weekend in Altötting

There are many things to do in Altötting. Obviously, a pilgrimage weekend can be arranged individually. To help you a little with your planning, we have compiled some suggestions for your programme schedule, so you may see what a weekend in Altötting could be like. On request, we can adjust the schedule to your needs.

On the First Day (Friday)

Der Pilgereinzug an Pfingsten auf den Altöttinger Kapellplatz.

On the Second Day (Saturday)

In the morning, possibility for an excursion to the surroundings of Altötting

e.g. to Marktl, the birthplace of Pope emeritus Benedict XVI, or to Burghausen where you can see the longest castle complex in the world and the Raitenhaslach Monastery.

2 pm – Sightseeing and Museum Tour
Advance booking with the Altötting Pilgrimage and Tourism Office required.

Free time for private matters or for the Purchase of Devotional Objects

Participation in Candlelight Procession
From May to October candlelight processions take place each Saturday night after the evening service at St. Anne Basilica.

Verschiedene Votivtafeln im Gang rund um die Gnadenkapelle werden bei einer Stadtführung in Altötting erklärt.

On the Third Day (Sunday)

10 am – Orchestral Mass           
Attend the orchestral Holy Mass at St. Anne Basilica

2.30 pm – Coffee and cake at a café in the vicinity of Chapel Square

Der Altarraum von der Basilika St. Anna in Altötting.

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