Eine Pilgerin in Altötting hat Jakobsmuscheln in der Hand, die mit einem Strick verbunden sind.
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Way of St. James

from Krumau in the Bohemian Forest via Altötting to Breitenbach in Tyrol

The Way of St. James has existed since the Middle Ages and leads in various ways to the common goal, the tomb of the Apostle James in Santiago de Compostela in Galicia.

Stages of the way of St. James Bohemia-Bavaria-Tyrol

The Way of St. James, Bohemia, Bavaria, Tyrol covers 451 kilometers and invites you to experience the beauty of nature such as the Bohemian Forest, the south-east Bavarian foothills of the Alps and the Tyrolean Inn Valley. The pilgrimage expert available from us divides this route into 19 stages. The path leads from Krumau at the Vltava, starting at the castle, into the Bohemian Forest, along the Vltava reservoir. From Schlägl Abbey in the Austrian Mühlviertel you continue to the cathedral city of Passau on the Danube.

Eine kleine Pilgergruppe, die auf einem Pilgerweg Richtung Altötting pilgern.

In the Rottal you go through Pfarrkirchen and Eggenfelden to Altötting. Coming from Neuötting it goes through the Gries at the Mörnbach along towards the Basilica St. Anna in Altötting. The well-known Marian pilgrimage site is the destination of up to 1 million pilgrims every year who have been coming here for more than 500 years to bring their concerns to the Black Madonna. From there you make the pilgrimage further south, via Wasserburg am Inn, via Kufstein into the Tyrolean Inn Valley. The destination of this variant of the way of St. James is finally Breitenbach in Tyrol.

Eine kleine Pilgergruppe, die auf dem Jakobsweg Richtung Altötting pilgern.
Die Abbildung des Pilgerstempels des Jakobswegs durch Altötting.

19 Stages

Stage 1: Krumau - Friedberg, 27 km

Stage 2: Friedberg - Wittinghausen, 18 km

Stage 3: Wittinghausen - Aigen - Stift Schlägl, 10 km

Stage 4: Aigen - Rohrbach, 14 km

Stage 5: Rohrbach - Pfarrkirchen i. Mühlkreis, 21 km

Stage 6: Pfarrkirchen - Untergriesbach, 19 km

Die Stadtansicht von Altötting zu Ostern mit den blühenden Feldern und Bäumen.

Stage 7: Untergriesbach nach Passau, 25 km

Stage 8: Passau - Rotthof, 27 km

Stage 9: Rotthof - Brombach, 34 km

Stage 10: Brombach - Eggenfelden, 26 km

Stage 11: Eggenfelden - Altötting, 34 km

Stage 12: Altötting - Altenmarkt an der Alz, 33 km

zwei Pilgerer auf dem Jakobsweg im Gries

Stage 13: Altenmarkt an der Alz - Albertaich, 24 km

Stage 14: Albertaich - Wasserburg, 15 km

Stage 15: Wasserburg - Tuntenhausen, 32 km

Stage 16: Tuntenhausen - Bad Aibling, 28 km

Stage 17: Au bei Aibling - Erl in Tirol, 27 km

Stage 18: Erl in Tirol - Kufstein, 18 km

Stage 19: Kufstein - Mariastein - Breitenbach in Tirol, 34 km