Eine kleine Pilgergruppe geht auf dem Rupert Pilgerweg nach Altötting.
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St. Rupert-Pilgrimage route from Altötting to Salzburg

Origin of the Rupert-Pilgrimage route

This pilgrimage testifies to the long connection between the spiritual, historical and cultural roots of Bavaria and Salzburg. The route is the old Salzburg pilgrimage route to Altötting. According to legend, the salt bishop Rupert brought the first miraculous image to Altötting. There he is said to have baptized the Bavarian Duke Theodor. A representation at the entrance to the Chapel of Grace still bears witness to this today.

Ein Marienbildnis in Altötting, welches mit der Taufe des Rupertweges zu tun hat.

The path is marked by the yellow Rupertus cross on a purple background. The Rupertiwinkl, the area between Asten and Piding as well as Tyrlaching and Freilassing, owes its name to St. Rupert. This area between the rivers Alz and Salzach was bequeathed to Rupert by the Bavarian Duke Theodor to finance the new christianisation. The Rupert pilgrimage route to Altötting runs through landscapes with panoramic views and moor areas and leads past many beautiful churches.

Ein Paar, das auf dem Rupertweg Richtung Altötting Rast auf einem Bänkchen vor einer Kreuzweg Station macht.

St. Rupert-Pilgrimage route stages

The St. Rupert pilgrimage route leads in the footsteps of the “Salt Saints” and “Apostles of Bavaria” from Altötting, starting at the Chapel of Grace, via Kolbergstrasse and Hüttenberger Weg out of town to Salzburg. On 7 daily stages, the route leads through scenic areas via Tittmoning, Waging am See, Traunstein, Inzell and Bad Reichenhall to Salzburg. You can also choose to turn off at Waging am See via Laufen, Oberndorf, Fuschl to St. Gilgen. From the European monastery Gut Aich there is the possibility to hike in 7 day stages via St. Wolfgang - Strobl - Postalm - Abtenau / Rußbach - Annaberg - Hochgründeck (1800 m) to the Maximilian cell founded by Rupert 711 in Bischofshofen.

7 Stages

1. Stage: Altötting - Hirten, 12,7 km, 3,5 hours

2. Stage: Hirten - Tittmoning, 20,1 km, 5 hours

3. Stage: Tittmoning - Waging/ Gaden, 28,5 km, 7-8 hours

4. Stage: Waging/ Gaden - Traunstein, 21,9 km, 5,5 hours

5. Stage: Traunstein - Inzell, 19,3 km, 5,5 hours

6. Stage: Inzell - Bad Reichenhall, 19,8 km, 5,5 hours

7. Stage: Bad Reichenhall - Salzburg, 22,2 km, 5,5 hours

Die Abbildung des Pilgerstempels des Rupertwegs durch Altötting.