Eine kleine Pilgergruppe auf einem Wanderweg Richtung Altötting.
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Marian hiking trail from St. Marienkirchen toAltötting

The cross-border marian hiking trail, founded in 2014, connects the beautiful marian pilgrimage places from St. Marienkirchen at Hausruck in Upper Austria via Burghausen to Altötting in Bavaria over a length of 130 kilometers. Even if the route has not been signposted that long, many pilgrims hiked from St. Marienkirchen to Altötting as early as the baroque period.

Landscape of the marian hiking trail

The marian hiking trail leadspast geologically significant moors, prehistoric remains of a former inland sea and leads on the last part through a terrace landscape of the rivers Inn, Alz and Salzach, which can be traced back to the Ice Age.
Beginning in St. Marienkirchen from the church and on to Pilgersham. The path runs along the Ruperti hiking trail from the Schlossberg near St. Marienkirchen to Egglsberg. The marian hiking trail is also marked with yellow signs. From Burghausen to Altötting you can easily find your way along the yellow stickers "Marien-Wanderweg" as well as the course of the Wolfgang route.

Die Landschaft bei Pilgersham auf dem Marienweg in Richtung Altötting.

Stages of the marian hiking trail

From Marienkirchen at Hausruck to Altötting

8 Stages for easy hikers, 132 km

Stage 1: St. Marienkirchen am Hausruck - Hinterschlagen, 15 km

Stage 2: Hinterschlagen - Steiglberg, 17 km

Stage 3: Steiglberg - Maria Schmolln - Mattighofen, 21 km

Stage 4: Mattighofen - Gundertshausen, 24 km

Stage 5: Gundertshausen - Gilgenberg, 7 km

Stage 6: Gilgengberg - Burghausen, 17 km

Stage 7: Schleife Burghausen - Raitenhaslach - Marienberg, 15 km

Stage 8: Burghausen -Altötting, 16 km

Das Titelbild für den Marienweg durch Altötting.

5 Stages for strong hikers, 132 km

Stage 1: St. Marienkirchen am Hausruck - Maireck, 25 km

Stage 2: Maireck - Maria Schmolln, 23 km

Stage 3: Maria Schmolln - Gundertshausen, 31 km

Stage 4: Gundertshausen - Burghausen, 24 km

Stage 5: Burghauen - Raitenhaslach - Altötting, 29 km

Die Abbildung des Pilgerstempels des Marienwanderwegs durch Altötting.