Eine Innenaufnahme der Altöttinger Gnadenkapelle mit der schwarzen Madonna.
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See the Highlights of Altötting

During a Brief Two-Hour Stay

If you are just passing through Altötting and have only two hours to spend but do not want to miss out on Altötting, we have compiled the top sights and highlights of Altötting for you below. Even a short stopover in Altötting is worthwhile and will make you look forward to your next stay.

A Destination of All Pilgrims to Altötting – the Gnadenkapelle

A highlight of Altötting is the Gnadenkapelle [Chapel of Mercy] located in the centre of Kapellplatz, which is a destination of all pilgrims taking the arduous trip to Altötting. This is where you will find the miraculous image of Our Lady of Altötting, the "Black Madonna" who has done many miracles for those seeking help. Opposite her, in the niches and walls, urns containing the hearts of the Bavarian kings and electoral princes are stored. Take your time and let the power that this small chapel exudes work its magic on you. Stroll around and marvel at all the votive tablets.

Ein Pilgereinzug auf dem Altöttinger Kapellplatz neben der Gnadenkapelle.

Another Highlight of Altötting for Those with Little Time on Their Hands - The Stiftspfarrkirche

For those who have not much time to spend we would like to recommend a visit to the Stiftspfarrkirche, which is yet another highlight of Altötting. It is the second oldest church in Altötting after the Gnadenkapelle, and its architecture and decor reflect the history of Altötting. Inside the church is another, albeit minor highlight: when you enter the church through the portal, look right and you will see a high grandfather clock. The famous "Death of Eding" is depicted on this grandfather clock commemorating the Great Plague in Altötting.

Der Sensenmann "Tod von Eding" in der Altöttinger Stiftspfarrkirche.

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