Der Altöttinger Kapellplatz mit der Gnadenkapelle und der Stiftspfarrkirche.
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Restaurants for groups in Altötting

In Altötting you will find a huge range of restaurants that are suitable for groups due to their capacity. Here is an overview of the restaurants for groups in Altötting.

Augustiner-Bräu Barbarossa

Our cosy inn is located just 150 Meter from Kapellplatz.

Café-Bistrorant Zeitsprung

Welcome to the "Zeitsprung" themed restaurant in Altötting

Der Andechser im Schex

In addition to the original building and the Andechser am Dom, next to the Munich Frauenkirche, the Andechser im Schex is the third Andechser special beer bar at a historic site.

Gasthof Altöttinger Hof

“Altöttinger-Hof” at the Kapellplatz. Your Bavarian inn with exquisite cuisine and sausage specialities from our own butcher shop. Our well-known veal sausage breakfast is always worth stopping by for.

Gasthof Zwölf Apostel

Known for decades as a place of retreat and accommodation for visitors to the pilgrimage town, the traditional "Gasthaus zu den Zwölf Aposteln" presents itself as a charming and inexpensive hotel in the middle of Altötting's sights today.

Hotel-Restaurant-Café Plankl

Here, we serve fine Bavarian cuisine, always prepared with fresh products from the region while also paying attention to a healthy diet.

Zur Post Altötting

The new four-star hotel "Zur Post Altötting" will open at the Chapels's Square in Spring 2021. The house awaits you with perfect service, varied gastronomy and lovingly renovated rooms. Located right next to the Chapel of Grace, the Gnadenkapelle, you live partly with a view of the baroque Chapel's Square, one of the most beautiful places in Germany!

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