Wie man bei der Anreise nach Altötting parken kann.
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Travelling to and Parking in Altötting

How do I get to Altötting? Many routes do not only lead to Rome, but also to Altötting in Upper Bavaria. The Marian pilgrimage town cannot only be reached with the help of a digital route planner, but also in the traditional way by means of paper a pilgrimage guide.

Die Motorradwallfahrt am Altöttinger Kapellplatz.

Parking and underground parking in Altötting

Chapel Square Underground Parking Details
Dultplatz Parking Details
Forum Underground Parking Details
Hofmark Underground Parking Details
Kolbergstraße Parking Details
Wöhrstraße Parking Details

Street Map of Altötting

Click here for the street map of Altötting, including parking spaces.

How to Get to Altötting

By Car


A94 Munich – Passau, exit Altötting B12

or A8 Munich-Salzburg, exit Grabenstätt B 299: Altenmarkt – Landshut

Bavarian State Roads:

St 2107: Altötting – Burgkirchen

St 2607: Altötting – Wegscheid

St 2108: Wegscheid – Emmerting – Burghausen

District Roads:

Kreisstraße 10: Altötting – Hirten – Halsbach

Kreisstraße 12: Altötting – Tüßling – Polling – Mühldorf

By Südostbayernbahn (South-East Bavarian Rail)

Do as some traditional pilgrimage groups do and travel to Altötting by train in an environmentally friendly and relaxed manner.

Route: Munich – Mühldorf – Altötting (destination Burghausen). There are connections from Munich, Rosenheim, Traunstein, Passau and Landshut via “Linienstern Mühldorf” to Altötting.

Please contact the “Reisecenter” at the station in Altötting, phone 08671 889556, or the Südostbayernbahn for train connections and further information on train services.

Website only in German.

By Air

It takes around an hour by car to go from "Franz Josef Strauss" airport in Munich to Altötting. You may also take the S-Bahn to Munich Hauptbahnhof [main station] and continue by train via Mühldorf to Altötting, see above.



It takes around 45 minutes by car to go from „Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart“ airport in Salzburg to Altötting. This is the best mode of travel from Salzburg to Altötting.