Auf der Altöttinger Hofdult wird im Festzelt das Brauchtum und die Tradition in Form von Dirndl, Lederhosen und einer Maß Bier gelebt.
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The Altötting Hofdult

The time for the traditional Hofdult Altötting has come again! It takes place from May 28th to June 6th, 2021.  Every year the residents of Altötting, Dult fans from neighbouring areas and holiday guests look forward to the folk festival in Altötting. Thrilling amusement rides, local festival innkeepers and an extensive programme catering to the young and old will delight visitors at the Altötting Hofdult. This Altötting folk festival has been celebrated for more than 625 years – i.e. since 1383, and during a minimum of eight days at that. At least, that is what Duke Friedrich of Bavaria decreed back then.

The Traditional Hofdult Procession

The Hofdult Altötting will officially be opened by the traditional Hofdult procession, which ranks among the most beautiful processions in Eastern Bavaria, on Saturday, May 28, 2021 at 2 pm. Marvel at the festival innkeepers and their wonderful teams, the Altötting band, traditional costume societies and rifle clubs from Altötting and the region as well as at festive carriages making their way along the decorated streets from the Hell Bräu brewery via Chapel Square and Burghauser Straße in celebration of the Hofdult.

Eine Blaskapelle beim Einzug in die Altöttinger Hofdult, als sie gerade am Kapellplatz vorbeigehen.

Marquees & Programme

“Eating and drinking keeps body and soul together“ –  the festival innkeepers, the Hell family, the Detter family and the Tandler family live by this archteypical Bavarian wisdom. What would a Dult be without a refreshing draught Dult beer? It is a well-known fact that guests are spoiled in this respect at the Altöttinger Hell Bräu Marquee! The ambience of the Graminger Weissbier Marquee is just great. Top bands liven visitors up to the proverbial "Weissbierzeltstimmung" [the spirit prevailing in a wheat beer marquee]. The Gramminer family also enjoys an excellent reputation for their Hofdult wheat beer.  The Postschänke rounds off the marquees in a very special way. Draught Pilsner, the best wine, food and beverages of international standard are served there.

There are more than 50 amusement rides, lottery and snack stalls as well as numerous Dult stands at the fairground.

Einer Gruppe wird auf der Altöttinger Hofdult im Feszelt Essen gebracht.

During the Altötting Hofdult parking is not permittet at the "Dultplatz". Please use one of our other parking spaces.