Eine kleine Radelgruppe im Altöttinger Forst.
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Cycling in Altötting

Altötting is embedded in a wide network of cycle paths and is right at the centre of the scenic Inn-Salzach cycling region. Whether you are cycling on a mountain bike or an e-bike, Altötting is the ideal starting point for your bicycle tour through the forests and farmland of the surrounding area.

Die Radler Pilger rasten in den Schatten der Fahnen, die am Altöttinger Kapellplatz stehen.

Bicycle Rental in Altötting

For your cycling holiday in Altötting you can easily rent a high-quality bicycle locally. You may do so at the following places:

Zweirad Schröck, Burghauser Str. 14, phone 08671 6761
2 city e-bikes, 2 MTB e-Bikes, 8 city bicycles
Price: e-bike € 20 a day, city bicycle € 5 a day
Bicycles can be rented for longer periods of time.

Gasthof Graminger Weißbräu, Graming 79, phone 08671 96140
2 Kalkhoff e-bikes, 2 mountain bikes
Price: 9 am – 6 pm: € 20; 1 pm – 6 pm: € 11; 4 pm – 7 pm: € 9

Advance booking required; multi-day rental upon agreement

Hotel Münchner Hof, Kapellplatz 12, phone 08671 6868
3 city bikes
Price: € 4/hour; half a day – 5 hours: € 15; all day – 10 hours; € 20

E-Bike Charging Stations in Altötting

Several inns in Altötting provide e-bike charging stations for their guests. Below is a list of inns where you can recharge your e-bike while having a Bavarian snack and a refreshing drink before continuing your ride.

Der Andechser im Schex
Kapuzinerstr. 11/13, phone 08671 92640

Tillyplatz 3 – 5, phone 08671 6361

Gasthof Graminger Weißbräu
Graming 79, phone 08671 96140

Gasthaus Hinterberger
Oberholzhausen 11, phone 08671 2376

Bicycle Repair in Altötting

When on holiday a bicycle is breakdown is particularly annoying. Needless to say, we do not want your holiday in Altötting to be flawed. In such instances you can take your bicycle to Zweirad Schröck, Burghauser Str. 14, phone 08671 6761 where your bicycle will be repaired in a fast and competent manner to ensure that you are safe and can continue to enjoy cycling in Altötting.

Eine Fahrrad Panne im Wald, bei der ein Reifen repariert werden muss.

Permanent Parking for Extended Bicycle Tours Starting in Altötting

Altötting is the ideal starting point for extended bicycle tours. Altötting is also the starting point and destination of the Benedict Trail where you can follow in the footsteps of the Bavarian Pope Benedict XVI. During your bicycle tour you can park your car at various car parks in Altötting. At the Kolbergstraße car park you can park your car free of charge for an unlimited periodof time. You can also park your car at the Kapellplatz underground car park for € 5.00 a day. We will be happy to issue a parking ticket for you at our tourist office.

Zwei Radfahrer mit einem geistlichen in Altötting.

The Benedict Trail is a beautiful bicycle tour in the footsteps of Pope Benedict XVI. It starts and ends in Altötting and takes you through the Inn-Salzach and the Chiemgau regions. Read more about this bicycle tour Website only in German.