Bei einer Stadtführung in Altötting, werden diverse Votivtafeln rund um die Gnadenkapelle gezeigt.
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Group Sightseeing Tours of Altötting

To round off your stay in Altötting, we offer you the opportunity to register for a group sightseeing tour of Altötting. We will arrange the dates as desired, so you may arrange a programme to your liking. In view of the wide range of theme tours for groups available in Altötting, we can satisfy every wish. If possible, we will, of course, include any special wish you may have in your sightseeing tour.

Booking a Group Sightseeing Tour

If you wish to book a group sightseeing tour in Altötting, please send us an email to or contact us by phone 0049 8671 5062.19. To help us tailor your group sightseeing tour to your needs, we would ask you to inform us about any particular features of your group, such as age or any physical or psychological impairments that individual guests may have.


Ein Pilgereinzug aus allen Richtungen an Pfingsten am Altöttinger Kapellplatz.