Auf der Bühne des Passionstheaters in Oberammergau werden die Passionssppiele vor ausverkauften Puplikum aufgeführt.
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Passion plays in Bavaria and Austria

The world-famous Passion Play venue Oberammergau is only a few hours away from Altötting. But the Passion Plays are not only performed in Oberammergau. In our area there are numerous places that are also based on a long tradition and have their own passion story. Here you will find a list and further information on some Passion Plays in Bavaria, but also in Austria.

Das Passionsspieltheater in Oberammergau.

Passion Plays Oberammergau 2022

The 42nd Oberammergau Passion Play will take place from May 14th to October 2nd, 2022. There is no play on Monday and Wednesday.

Passion Plays Oberammergau
Jesus spricht das Dankgebet im Passionsspiel in St. Margarethen.

Passion Plays St. Margarethen 2021

The new staging of the passion play in St. Margarethen, Austria, will be performed in the quarry from June 5 to August 29, 2021.

Passion Plays St. Margarethen
Kreuzigungsszene aus dem Passionsspiel in Waal.

Passion Plays Waal 2021

The 2021 passion play will take place in Waal from April to June on Saturdays and Sundays.

Passion Plays Waal
Sie sehen die Abendmahl Szene aus dem Passionsspiel in Thiersee.

Passion Plays Thiersee 2022

The next passion play will take place in Thiersee in Austria from 12. June to 02. October 2022. Norbert Mladek will direct.

Passion Plays Thiersee
Sie sehen die Gnadenkapelle auf dem Altöttinger Kapellplatz.

Passion Plays Sömmersdorf 2023

The next passion play in Sömmersdorf is expected to take place in 2023.

Passion Plays Sömmersdorf
Die Kreuzwegszene aus dem Passionsspiel in Erl.

Passion Plays Erl 2025

The next Passion Play in Erl will take place as of May 2025.

Passion Plays Erl

Other Passion Plays

Of course there are many more Passion Play in Bavaria and Austria. However, not all of them are as big as the Passion Play in Oberammergau. Nevertheless, we want to list a few more noteworthy Passion Plays that are performed with just as much passion.

Passion Plays Perlesreut
Further information at: or simone.hannen (at)

Passion Plays St. Georgen am Kreischberg
Further information at: or alois.seidl (at)

Passion Plays Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz
Further information at: or f.ebenhoech (at)

Passion Plays Dirgenheim
Further information at: or 1.vorstand (at)